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  1. Address

    Gamlevegen 4
    2879, Odnes

    Bjørnen tavern – more than just a stopover
    Welcome to a pleasant stopover along road Rv 33, where you can enjoy a good meal or host a function. We...

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    TripAdvisor Traveller Rating - 14 reviews14 reviews
  2. Address

    Vannkanten ved Sperillen og Ådalselva
    3525, Hallingby

    Welcome to Bjørn’s fishing cabin by lake Sperillen and the river Ådalselva! Bjørn’s fishing cabin is an inexpensive hut with a basic standard, three...

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    From:NOK 3,300.- 1 week
  3. Address

    Ådalsveien 690
    3525, Hallingby

    This product is awaiting translation, sorry for the inconvenience.

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    From:NOK 120.- 1 day
  4. Address

    Sersjantløkka 55
    3530, Røyse

    Bellevue is one of our flagships - A modern cabin with high standard. Situated 100 meters from the banks of Tyrifjorden, you get a...

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    From:NOK 8,500.- 1 week w/boat
  5. Address

    2750, Gran

    The cabin is located by the River Tangen, not far from the Gjestfriheten Fjordstue. 30 m beach and pier. Bending to anchor a boat.
    1. First floor...

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  6. Address

    Skinnesmoen, I vannkanten ved Krøderfjorden
    3535, Krøderen

    Fishing cabin including boat by Krøderfjorden Krøderfjorden is regarded as one of the world’s best lakes for catching pike. We offer a fishing permit...

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    From:NOK 6,500.- 1 week w/boat
  7. Address

    2843, Eina

    Fjordtitt - Cottage by Einavatnet lake
    Detached, secluded cottage situated on the south eastern shore of the Einavatnet lake.
    Car access all the...

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    From:NOK 2,225.- Cabin
  8. Address

    I vannkanten ved Krøderfjorden
    3536, Noresund

    Halsteinplassen fishing cabin – explore the fjords and mountains Halsteinsplassen is a well-furnished cabin situated between the lakes and the...

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  9. Address

    Evjuavegen 30
    2848, Skreia

    About the Captain's Residence
    Kapteinsboligen (the Captain's Residence) is an old timber house steeped in history. For many years it was the home of...

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    From:NOK 1,495.- One night
  10. Address

    Fluberg Vestås
    2862, Fluberg

    Vey well equipped cabins. 4-8 beds per cabin. Individually located at lakes for fishing and swimming, or at places with magnificent scenery. Keresone...

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  11. Address

    En rekke hytter på Lygna
    2770, Jaren

    Lygna is situated about 1 hour north of Oslo and host a variety of different outdoor activities all year around. Skiing, bicycling, fishing, hiking...

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  12. Address

    Rett ved Krøderfjorden
    3536, Noresund

    Søndre Bjerkrud farm – fishing cabin on lake Krøderfjorden Søndre Bjerkrud’s idyllic location by lake Krøderfjorden and the Norefjell mountain...

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    From:NOK 10,849.- 1 week w/boat
  13. Address

    Stokkevegen 147
    2825, Gjøvik

    A quiet family camping by lake Mjøsa.

    Sveastranda Camping is open the whole year and can offer the following facilities:
    - New sanitary building...

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    TripAdvisor Traveller Rating - 22 reviews22 reviews

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  14. Address

    2846, Bøverbru


    The Selmer Cottage is a cottage situated unabashed in the forest, by Kauserud lake (Aproximately 1000 meters away from Toten Hotel in...

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    From:NOK 1,500.- 1 day to NOK 9,900.- 1 week

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